Sanctity of life???

23 Sep

So hi….I’m Fatima, your average 21 year old childcare worker. I am a Muslim and live in London. These two little facts about me are often at loggerheads with one another…hence why I have decided to start a blog…maybe writing down my issues will help me get a little perspective…so here goes!

Todays issue is a depressing one – probably not the best idea for my first blog but oh well- In the past few months I have read two books and watched a drama that have made a question the sanctity of life…(trust me im not normally depressing but this has really been playing on my mind a lot lately!) So the first book was ‘Me Before You’. It’s about a quadrapaligic man who wants to go to dignitas. The second book was ‘Lone Wolf,’ that was about two teenagers who had opposing opinions on whether they should keep their fathers life support on. The drama is an indian one, about two very close sisters. The younger sister has cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant immediately, however the only donor they can find is her older sister, who is pregnant, The only way they can do the transplant is to abort the baby. As a Muslim I have grown up believing that no one has the right to choose whether a human should live or die, even if that person is yourself. That decision remains with the Almighty alone, and my initial thoughts to the two books and the drama were ‘he can’t go to Dignitas! Keep the life support on! How can you take one life to save another?!’…and then i thought again. In me before you , that man used to be into extreme sports, now he cant even go to the toilet…In a desperate attempt to kill himself he tried to slit his wrists with a nail that was sticking out of a wall. In Lone Wolf the father had little chance of waking up…could someone else benefit from that life support machine more? In the drama if they didnt find another donor, and the girl dies, would the older sister be able to love her child properly knowing she could have saved her sister? Would that be fair on the child? I know these are all fictional stories, but these things do happen, so i few days ago I sat down with my family and asked them all – if they were left on life support what would they want? Both my parents said to turn it off, all us kids said to keep it on…the Muslim daughter in me screams ‘NO! I’d never turn it off!!!! I’d be murdering my parents!’ But then I think back to when I was 12 and my grandma was on her death bed screaming in pain because the cancer was killing her. The 12 year old me would have kept her alive as long as possible, even if it was just for a few more seconds…the 21 year old me would give up everything she has to see her grandma just one more time, but then the 21 year old me also remembers that the 12 year old me saw the screaming and the crying and those are some of my last memories of my grandmother. Would it have been kinder to everyone in the long run if we had put her out of her misery earlier? I dont know. Are we being merciless by not allowing these people to die? Im not sure. Is it ok to abort a ten week old fetus to save a 19 year old? I dont think there is an answer.  I think, for me, all though i can understand why people would want to take a life when it comes down to it…I couldnt do it myself. I would keep my parents life support on, against their wishes because I cannot take a life…some people may call me selfish…my parents may not agree with me…all i know is that even though its hard to watch…and that i keep questioning my beliefs, when it comes down to letting someone flick that switch, or do that injection or whatever…I dont think I could be a part of it…What would you do?